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Hello my name is Justice Shelukindo and I have worked for 7 years with various duties such as a porter,cook and assistant guide with the goal to being a fully trained guide.

Since being a fully trained guide I have worked for 4 years as a trained guide with a 98% success rate of satisfied customers reaching the summit of KIilimanjaro (unfortunately the other 2% succumbed to altitude sickness or some personal reason ).
In my experience it does not matter how large the group is as long as they are happy then everything will be fine,
I have also experience in guiding groups or individual climbers to the following peaks in East Africa Meru, Kenya, Elgon, Oldonyo Lengai, Ruwenzori and lastly Usambara.

I have had experience in organising the following features: hiking trips,safari trips,beach trips Eco friendly tours and holidays that can combine 1 or 2 of the aforementioned features.
I have personally guided over 200 people successfully to the summit of Kilinanjaro from individual climbers to groups of 25 climbers and all were very satisfied with the service that they received.
I have guided the following nationalities English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, German, Polish, Dutch, Arabs, Irish, French, Italian, Spanish, South African and Israeli.
Kilimanjaro–kizimba expeditions Ltd. supports education in local schools in the area in which it operates donating books and other learning materials so as to contribute to the future generation.



Kilimanjaro Route

* Machame Route
* Marangu Route
* Umbwe Route
* Lemosho Route
* Rongai Route

Safari Game Drive

*Arusha National Park
* Serengti National Park
* Ngorongoro Conservation
* Tarangire National Park
* Manyara National Park
* Mikumi National Park
* Selous national park
* Mkomazi national park

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